Kid-N-Drag Gaming is a PodCast dedicated to gamers and technology fanatics.  We have been playing games together for more than 20 years, and still continue to do this today.  We are not dedicated to one type of electronic gaming; we play mobile, PC, console and arcade.  Because we are not dedicated to one type of video gaming platform, we tend to focus our casts around those games that work on most platforms.  We created the podcast for fun, hopefully yours and ours.  If you have some feedback that would make you want to listen to our cast, don't be shy, let us know.  You can post anywhere on our socials, or e-mail us directly at  If there is a topic you feel very passionate about and want to be a guest on our show, just ask, we will work you into the schedule.  If you'd like us to take on a specific topic, ask that too.  We want each of you coming back every week, not just once.  Thanks for stopping by, we hope you enjoy!  And thank you for wasting your time with us!